Tröegs Brewing Blizzard of Hops


Here is another exceptional Christmas brew from Tröegs Brewing Co.  Here we present their Blizzard of Hops IPA.  Their Blizzard of Hops is brewed with hoppy citrus flavors and pine notes.  The aroma this IPA gives off is one full of pine and some citrus.  It pours a light, golden color with a nice white head.  This brew boasts notes of cold pine, and wild citrus flavors while still retaining the hoppiness taste.  This is one of the exceptional winter IPAs that is full of flavor.  Enjoy this IPA while it last as it is only a seasonal of one! To me this is the best winter IPA available! Enjoy Responsibly

  • Tröegs Brewing Co. Blizzard of Hops
  • Seasonal: Winter Release
  • Calories: 192
  • ABV: 6.4%
  • Rating: 3.8 Hops out of 5
  • Cost between $8.99 – $10.99 for a 6 – pack

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Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale


Here is Breckenridge and their well respected Christmas Ale.  This Christmas Ale is brewed with flavors of caramel and chocolate that are derived from an abundance of carefully roasted malts in the Rockies.  The holiday brew pours a clear light chestnut brown head but still boasts strong aromas of nutmeg spice, caramel, and rich chocolate.  The Christmas ale flavors are laced with a light chestnut brown flavor,  a pinch of caramel, deep dark chocolate, a variety of spices and a slightly dryer finish to compliment the flavors.  This brew is very easy to throw back as it is only 7.1%.  This Holiday Brew can be enjoyed during any family occasion.  Enjoy Responsibly

  • Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale
  • Seasonal: Christmas Release
  • ABV: 7.1%
  • Calories: 222
  • Rating: 3.9 Hops out of 5
  • Cost $9.99 – $10.99 for a 6-pack

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Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas Ale


Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas Ale is a must! This extremely flavorful ale is brewed with honey and a variety of spices.  The aroma administers a honey cherry flavor with notches of spices.  The head is exceptionally thick and gives an off white color.  The flavors this brew posses are honey, deep black cherry and a kick of chocolate.  This ale goes exceptionally well with Christmas pies and any snowy occasion.  Enjoy this limited release responsibly while you can!

  • Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas Ale
  • Seasonal: Extremely Limited Christmas Ale
  • ABV: 7.5%
  • Rating: 4.4 Hops out of 5
  • Calories: 225
  • Cost $9.99 – $11.99 for a 6-pack

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Tröegs Mad Elf


The much appreciated Mad Elf by Tröegs Independent Brewing Company! This is another extremely limited release christmas ale that is brewed with honey and cherries. This ale pours a red brown with an off-white head.  The flavor starts with a deep cherry taste and finishes with chocolate and honey and is accented with clove for a smooth quick finish.  When pouring The Mad Elf it gives a thick head and an aroma that is complete with cherry.  This Mad Elf is great for any winter occasion celebration, it gives a nice warm finish leaving you wanting more! Make sure not to have to many as this beer boasts an ABV of 11%!

  • Tröegs Independent Brewing Mad Elf
  • Seasonal: Extremely Limited Christmas Release
  • ABV: 11%
  • Calories 330
  • Cost $3.99 – $5.99 per 12oz bottle

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Einstök Icelandic Doppelbock


Here we have Einstök and their extremely limited Icelandic Doppelbock.  This Doppelbock style beer is a great winter beer.  It has a very vibrant taste that goes well with the winter season.  It is brewed with malted barley and chocolate.  This holiday brew has a full head hearted finish of an array of flavors.  The flavors include a chocolate character, caramel hint, and an outgoing black cherry flavor to top it off.  This beer is unlike anything you have ever had before! It caters a warm finish to go along with the delicious taste, this doppelbock is great for those long winter celebration nights. This brew is extremely limited so if you can get your hands on Einstök’s Icelandic Doppelbock I strongly suggest buying it before the season comes to an end!

  • Einstok Icelandic Doppelbock
  • Seasonal: Extremely Limited Christmas
  • ABV: 6.7%
  • Calories: 201
  • Rating: 4.2 Hops out of 5
  • Cost between $9.99 – $11.99 for a 6-pack

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Revolution Brewing Fistmas Holiday Ale



Starting December off with a Christmas Ale.  This Fistmas Ale is brewed perfectly for the holiday season.  It is brewed with flavors of fresh baked bread, caramel, stone fruits, and is steeped with ginger root and orange peel.  This holiday ale pours a deep red copper color and it gives aromas of fresh baked bread, caramel and slight resemblance of pine and spruce.  This holiday brew isn’t your traditional nutmeg, cinnamon flavored christmas ale.  Its head has a strong pine taste to go along with the spicy, bitter and dry finish it provides.  A perfect ale to mix it up in the winter time.

  • Revolution Brewing Fistmas Ale
  • Seasonal: Christmas
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Calories: 195
  • Rating: 3.4 out of 5
  • Cost $9.99 – 10.99 for a 6-pack

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Chesapeake Brewing Company Beat Army Golden Lager


Here we have Chesapeake Brewing Co. and their famous Beat Army Golden Lager.  This brew is your traditional golden lager.  It pours a golden yellow with a small white head to top it off.  The aroma it releases is a toasted malt and citrus scent.  The flavor this golden lager consists of is light malt with a toasted note of a grassy and citrus finish.   This beer is your typical golden lager however it probably gets more recognition because of the name but hey thats half the game.  Go Navy! Beat Army!

  • Chesapeake Brewing Co. Beat Army
  • Seasonal: Year Round
  • ABV 4.5%
  • Calories 135
  • Rating: 3.5 Hops of out 5
  • Cost $10.99 for a 6-pack

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Vault Sweet Potato Ale


Vault Brewing Company is a small brewing company out of Yardley, Pennsylvania that specializes in craft flavor beers.  This Sweet Potato Ale is brewed with flavors of molasses, vanilla, lactose, cinnamon, sweet potatoes and nutmeg.  This Nitro boasts flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and a touch of maple.  This Sweet Potato Ale pours an amber color with a thick head that dissipated quickly and leaves just about no lacing.  This Nitro is definitely something you don’t see everyday! However when drinking this nitro make sure to keep it cold and not allow for it to get warm as it will lose its flavor and end up flat.  Enjoy the rotating availability of this brew that is perfect for the fall season.

  • Vault Brewing Co. Sweet Potato Ale
  • Seasonal: Rotating
  • ABV 6%
  • Calories 189
  • Rating: 3.7 Hops out of 5
  • Cost for a 6-pack $9.99-11.99

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Ithaca Beer Company Naked Pilgrim


Last but not least we have Ithaca Beer Company’s fourth beer in the 2017 edition of the Box of Hops.  This New England style IPA is brewed with wheat, oats and notes of tropical flavors.  The flavors this New England style IPA posses are lemony, citrus and tropical, plus a bitterness tangerine flavor.  This IPA pours a slightly hazy golden yellow look, with a small head, and lots of lacing.  However Ithaca Beer Co. makes this beer lightly bodied, and fairly crisp, with a good level of carbonation for the New England style. This Naked Pilgrim is a bit more on the hoppier side compared to the flower Power but still a great beer to enjoy.

  • Ithaca Beer Company Naked Pilgrim
  • Seasonal: Rotating
  • ABV 7%
  • Calories 210
  • Rating: 3.6 Hops out of 5
  • Cost for the Box of Hops 8 pack 16oz $17.99- 20.99

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Ithaca Beer Company Flower Power


Here we have another beer from Ithaca Beer Company’s Box of Hops, Flower Power India Pale Ale.  This delicious IPA is brewed with pineapple, grapefruit, and honey clover.  Flower Power boasts a strong resemblance of tropical flavors along with a mix of  roses and an extremely smooth blend of hops.  Ithaca Beer Company brews Flower Power with it being hopped and dry-hopped five different times.  This allows for the hops to be extremely smooth when finishing.  This IPA pours a golden amber color with another nice head to compliment the body. This is one of the best IPA blends I have had in quite some time! Be sure to check this one out in stores near you! Or click the Joe Canals link below and we can give you details and answer all your questions!


  • Ithaca Beer Co Flower Power
  • Seasonal: Rotating
  • ABV: 7.5%
  • Calories 225
  • Rating: 4.4 Hops out of 5
  • Cost for the Box of Hops 8 pack 16oz $17.99- 20.99

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